Technology, as much as it is a necessity can be downright overwhelming. That’s why yourtechy is here to help businesses with their IT projects. From problem definition, to solution design, through implementation, yourtechy will be with you to ensure that your projects come out a success. stands by the principle that technology should elevate and improve businesses and the lives of its users. It should not confound. It should enlighten, and promote inclusion.


Web Design and Development

Now, more than ever is the right time to have your own website. Let’s talk how we can help you build your own address on the web.

Software Development

If you can think it, we will build it for you — on the web, on the phone or a tablet.

Social Media Marketing

The world wide web is a jungle and your customers could use a little help in locating your website or your app.



guttom is yourtechy's solution to the under-served restaurant industry.
It is an ordering system available on mobile phone and the web.

Find out how your business can offer more benefits to your existing customers and capture new segment of the market with your own mobile app.

yourtechy removes the pain of long, drawn-out application development time by building guttom – a white label platform that restaurateurs, like you, can configure and deploy. The mobile application workflow was designed to provide user with seamless experience.